Our Story

Established in 1997

Who We Are

The Adolescent Health Working Group (AHWG) is a coalition of youth, caregivers, and adolescent providers in the public and private sectors committed to increasing the capacity of service providers to better support youth ages 12 to 24 through training opportunities, innovative resources, and direct community engagement. AHWG is a project of the Tides Center (our fiscal agent).

Our History

AHWG was established in 1997 and has provided community-centered leadership in bringing forward the health issues of adolescents and young adults to the attention of policy-makers at both the San Francisco County and California State levels.

Our Approach

Resource Development

Creating comprehensive evidence-based tools, practice standards, and trainings by pulling together community voice and expertise to support providers, youth, and their caregivers.

Collective Impact

Community collaboration in advocacy activities by convening stakeholders to establish linkages across systems of care for young people and advance adolescent/young adult health & wellness throughout California.

Capacity Building

Offering tailored trainings to guide and prepare providers in supporting their clients and managing the layered identities and issues that impact a young person’s primary, behavioral, and emotional health.