Our Story

Established in 1997

Tool Development

Developing comprehensive evidence-based tools, practice standards, and training/capacity building to support youth, parents and providers by pulling together community voice and expertise.

Collective Impact

Convening and coordinating stakeholders and facilitating linkages across systems of concern and care for young people, minimizing silos and building community collaboration and communication.

Public Advocacy

Conducting policy and advocacy activities to advance adolescent and young adult health and wellness locally and state wide.

Who We Are

The Adolescent Health Working Group (AHWG) is a coalition of committed youth, adults, and representatives of public and private agencies and clinics whose mission is to significantly advance the health and well-being of San Francisco’s youth. The AHWG has provided community-centered leadership in bringing the health issues of adolescents and young adults to the attention of health policy decision-makers at both the local and state levels. AHWG is currently a project of the Tides Center, who serve as our fiscal agent.

Our History

Established in 1997, the AHWG has embraced community organizing strategies as a means to improve the health status of youth in SF and recognizes that its’ mission can only be accomplished by utilizing the collective wisdom, resources and energy of individuals and public and private agencies who love and respect young people.